FREE diaper patterns!

Instruction booklet for Goodness Gracious Fitted Diaper pattern “front end” of Goodness Gracious fitted pattern “back end” of Goodness Gracious fitted pattern Preemie/doll diaper pattern
Goodness Gracious Trainer pattern, front piece  Goodness Gracious Trainer pattern, back pieceGoodness Gracious Trainer pattern, back pieceGoodness Gracious Trainer pattern, front piece Preemie/doll diaper pattern 

21 responses to “FREE diaper patterns!

  1. Great job Grace, I admire your generosity in sharing your great pattern with others!

  2. Thanks so much for the free patterns. It helps families diaper their little ones for a reasonable price! Greatly appreciated!

  3. Joanne in Oregon

    I made seven dozen medium fitted diapers for a new set of GreatGS’s their Mom is able to use them and loves them. Babies are 3 mo. and she is covering them with pullup dappies–they are working great, She hasn’t had a lot of support from MIL ie and Mom but they are furnishing their own posies when at their homes and all is happy. I am in the process of making some AIO’s now that we know the cloth is going to be a great $ strecher and she dosen’t mind the laundry as has a lot anyway. What a savings as GMA is furnsihing all the cloth diaper needs and all they have to do is furnish the laundry, cleanup process, and drying. We are all thrilled.
    I made the fitted and newborn has been used up to this time. I extended the tabs for xtra around and that was a good thing. Next size is shortly in order, I found some PUL at Hancock and so will be trying AIO–with snaps as have invested in a hand plier set. Hope I have more GChildren as love doing this for them.

  4. Hi! Where can I get a vinyl covering to put over these? Jo-Ann fabrics doesn’t carry them, and I don’t have a Hancock fabric store here in Lafayette, Indiana! Please let me know! Thank you for sharing!

    • goodnessgraciouswv


      You are going to have to do mail order from someone for polyurethane laminated fabric (PUL is what the diaper makers call it) if you want the BEST stuff. If you are dealing with only local shops, your next best bet is probably to get polyester fleece (polar fleece, blizzard fleece). You probably need two layers. You might get lucky and find some WOOL fabric or you could make butt sweaters from wool sweaters, and those are breathable and will keep you dry when holding the baby, too. Some people make do with vinyl tablecloth stuff or you could get flag nylon and some Seam Sealer (polyurethane liquid in a sponge-top bottle in the camping section) to waterproof the fabric.

      Hope this helps!!
      🙂 grace

  5. Hi! Where can I get a vinyl covering to put over these? Jo-Ann fabrics doesn’t carry them, and I don’t have a Hancock fabric store here in Lafayette, Indiana! Please let me know! Thank you for sharing!

  6. I do not see a scale on the fitted pattern. Is there any way to make sure it is printed in the right scale? Thanks!

  7. Hello, I am very happy I found your diapper patterns. I will try them for my little one. I have a question: if you make a all-in-one diapper, with a waterproof side, can you wash it propperly, with at least 40 grad Celsius in the washing-mashine? Now I use a separate waterproof-diapper, so I don’t know… Thank you all for answers! Oltea

    • goodnessgraciouswv


      That is one of the drawbacks of All-In-One diapers. I didn’t use them all that much, but they are handy to take in the car or to have in the diaper bag or to leave your cloth-diapered baby with someone unfamiliar with cloth diapers.

      I don’t THINK they HAVE to be washed in really hot water, honestly, especially if they are either dried in a hot dryer or out in the sun.

  8. Laurie Shaffer

    Joann’s Fabric now has PUL.
    Sign up for email at there website or go to the store and sign up for mail.
    You can use there 40% off coupons on Fabric. I just bought 5 yards with my coupon. A great way to save.

  9. Jacqueline Payne

    Jo Anne’s Fabrics now has PUL, only solids, blue yellow, pink and white in the store but more colors available online.

  10. JoAnn Fabrics & Crafts indeed DOES carry PUL. It’s a newer item for them. At least, they carry it in their Cary, NC store. If it’s not at your local store, ask them to order it – they should be able to, I would think, since some of their stores carry it.

  11. Olivia Barron

    I was wondering from the people who bought pul from joann’s how it is working for them? Most of the reviews online are horrible and I wanted to check and see if they are having bad leaking results with this fabric.

  12. The PUL at Jo Anne’s is made in China. It is not many washings before it starts to separate.

  13. Thank you so much for this preemie/doll diaper pattern. I can now make matching “panties” to go with my granddaughter’s 18″ baby doll’s clothes I make her. The regular panties are either too tight at the waist to go over the thighs or too loose at the waist when they fit over the thighs. Besides, this will be easier for her to put them on her babies.
    All the best to you, and blessings for everyday.
    Trudy R.

  14. Thanks for the pattern! I decided I wanted to try CDing, but I didn’t want to spend a ton of $$ just to see if I like it, so this was perfect! Just a tip I wanted to pass on – I’m using your pattern to make diaper covers to go over standard pre-folds, and I was trying to come up with an inexpensive way to have a waterproof liner. I’ve found that if I get a vinyl poncho and cut it up, it makes a great liner and I can get at least 6 (if not more) covers out of one poncho. Not bad for a $3-4 investment 🙂

  15. JoAnn’s and Hobby Lobby are now carrying Babyville Boutique PUL, which I have used and washed very successfully multiple times…

  16. I found your training pants pattern and I love it. I don’t want to use the FOE, just regular elastic. Do you know how much I’ll need for each section?

  17. i did not like the pul from joanns (babyville brand) i like to wash things in HOT HOT HOT to make sure there are no germs left over hanging out. ever heard your mom say use warm soap and water to wash your hands… why wash diapers only in cold. and they dont stand up to the dryer at all… it says to put in dryer for 20 mins on high heat to seal the seams and make sure the holes close completely from sewing…. andit stuck to the inside of my dryer and made a horrible disaster. my husband took forever trying to get all the weird plastic stuff out of the dryer. there are a couple websites you can order from ( i believe is one) and they sell a better quality more sturdy type of material. ive made bed covers, on the go change pads, wetbags and such and felt the stuff you can get online is WAYYYY MORE BETTER!! 🙂 as to the diaper pattern , cant thank you enough, we buy “rag bag” sets at goodwill/thrift stores and make them into diapers and donate to the womens ob/gyn clinic in the area. the low income moms are always asking about them, they usually ended up with 10ish diapers. which yes seems really low number but when they come into the office with a new born thats been in a disposable for HOURS because they cant afford to buy them all the time, a load of laundry every day doesnt seem so bad and with these being tshirt diapers they can wash and dry and not think about how long the AIO is going to take to hang dry 🙂 thank you so much for your generosity and pattern. lots of women all over western washington (state) love you dearly and dont even know you 🙂

  18. We have a missionary and his wife are in Haiti and she is teaching some of the ladies to sew and has been looking for diapers for them to sew. I’ll send her your site. I have a special needs daughter and she wears cloth snapped AIO and pockets but I need larger than 40lbs now. How can I adjust the pattern to fit her. thank you Shannan
    PS I used flannel or knit over the PUL if I did not like the color

  19. I am not able to print the diaper pattern the correct size.. tried scaling to fit page ect… could someone email to me or direct me to some place else to download? Thank you

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