Measurements for Fitted Baby Diaper Pattern pieces

The pattern pieces need to take up most of a legal size sheet each. Someplace I have the measurements, but, honestly I haven’t sewed a diaper in years… The “wings” go the long way on one legal sheet and the long part of the crotch goes the long way on the other legal sheet–so that you tape them together at right angles. The “back piece” should be just over 10″ wide for an XL (on fold, so the fabric needs to be 21″ wide) and the two pieces taped together should measure 17.5″ long for the XL from back edge to front edge.

2 responses to “Measurements for Fitted Baby Diaper Pattern pieces

  1. hi, thanks for this, might try it out!

  2. Need your advice, I am making your diaper as per instructions but those are very limited. Please tell me more about construction. The photo of the purple diaper shows a “pad” help me do I need to put bias tape on the edges? Velcro placement?
    Granny debi

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