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Shameless Commerce & Help for Strapped Families with diapering (local)

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I am also working on a “cunning plan”.  Our church was recently doing a study on compassionate ways to help the poor.  My mind goes pretty fast to cloth diapers as money-savers.  Now, I know that some people do not have proper access to laundering facilities, and that lots of people just do not want to “bother” with cloth diapers, but, on the off-chance there are some moms in my area who WOULD like to do cloth diapers for their babies to save money but are unable to come up with funds to get started, I was thinking up an “emergency cloth diaper kit” that would be a bunch of flat microfleece & cotton diapers, washcloths, a few one-size wraps, all stored in a bucket (that could be used for a diaper pail, possibly even as a washing bucket) and with instructions about how to use them.  I asked on my yahoo group and a bunch of people wanted to be testers for me, but I don’t want to be sending out diapers to people who already sew their own.  This is not for me to make money off.  If YOU would like to helpFor those of you who have offered to test, since I do not have babies anymore, and most of you do, lol, AND since this is for a charity, not for me making diapers to sell…

The thing that would help me out a TON is if YOU would do this:

1.  Get a microfiber towel (whichever size you think would work best as a sortof flat diaper) and a pre-washed piece of cotton fabric the same size (t-shirt or flannel or hemp or bamboo blend, whatever you like).  Measure them and write it down for me.  Sew or serge the edges together.

2.  Make EITHER an angel-tie type wrap OR a one/two-size fleece wrap.  Make note of what size and/or pattern you use.  See
or maybe a Goodness Gracious size Large would do for a one-size if folded down.  I never tried that.  Or
or Mama Bird’s two-size pattern

3.  TRY the diaper and wrap.  Take a photo?  Make note of what size/age/weight your baby is.  Was the towel-diaper absorbent enough?  Did you need to add a doubler?  Were you able to get a decent fit??  Make any notes about the best way to fold for that size diaper/baby.

The more of you who participate, the better our sample will be!  Then I can make up instructions and find buckets and sew up a batch, find a place here to distribute to mommies who can use them and see if we get any takers.  I will put the info all together and post my Instruction Pamphlet in a pdf file in the Files section so that other people can do the same thing in their area.

5.  Use that diaper/wrap at your house or keep in your car for emergencies or whatever.  Consider making more and finding an agency to help distribute to needy moms in your area!

Thanks so much, in advance!!  Any comments you send come to my mailbox…

🙂 grace